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Weekly Round Up

Damian screams "No it's the new 52"

Great issue all around. I was pleasantly surprised to see Bruce back as Batman with Damian as Robin. I see why they had Dick as Batman for a while (even though I was totally against the idea at first). It was a really great concept to execute in terms of Robin being the straight man to Dick’s “energetic” Batman.

Batman interacting with his biological son was treated in a different way from what we’ve seen with the other Robins. He fears Damian’s initial upbringing and doesn’t trust him at all. Dick on the other hand had complete trust and faith in him overcoming his killer instincts. Bruce has issues. We know this. He probably sees a lot of himself in Damian, which is not necessarily good considering he’s probably thinking more along the negative aspects.

Stare at a puddle

There was a great deal of parent to son dialogue in this issue. From Alfred to Bruce, Bruce to Damian, and the villain had daddy issues as well. Great thematic structure that led the villain trying to become Damian’s parental figure who could accept the darker aspects of his personality.

Great expectations from both sides, with neither living up to the other.

Can’t wait for more since I just jumped back on this series. ^_^ Best of the week!


Dr. Strange is back!

The Defenders 01

Great introduction to an all-star cast. It was priceless to see the Hulk go up to Dr. Strange for help. It’s weird because Dr. Strange had to go Zom on Hulk when he invaded Earth which led to him giving up Sorcerer Supreme. Awkward!

Ya, he just did that

Seeing everyone’s thought process was hilarious. You can tell that this series will be a fun read from beginning to end. This issue also makes me want to read more up on Iron Fist since he had an amazing inner monologue.

The team dynamic was great. They work well together considering their past histories and many different backgrounds. Can’t wait for the next issue.

This means war!

Avengers X-Sanction

I believe Cable’s characterization to be spot on in this issue, although I know most people on the internet beg to differ. I was one of those people that actually read all those issues with Cable raising his daughter Hope from day one and yes, he would sacrifice everything for her.

Nice Exchange

It’s a good start to the miniseries that will supposedly turn the Marvel universe upside down. My only qualm is that it’s not easily accessible to new readers. I knew Cable had a daughter and was supposedly “dead” since I read that series. I know nothing of what’s going on with Deadpool and Angel in that AoA storyline right now. It felt out of place to me but that’s because I have no idea about what’s going on over there. My hope is that we get to see some Wade/Cable banter soon. : )