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Back to School

This poor blog has suffered so much in neglect, but never fear, True Believers.  I will bring it back to life and I have the right thing to help me get it started.

Canvas.Net offers college-level courses for free in various subjects.  The course I am starting today is called “Gender Through Comic Books”.  This 6-week course “forces” me to read several comics and discuss various topics related to gender.  As part of this work, I will post regular updates about the course on this blog and hopefully educate some of you out there.

If you want details on the course, here is the link: .  I think the class is full, but if it isn’t, sign up…

To help you find these posts later, I will categorize them as Education, with Tags for SuperMOOC and Gender…


…to yet another blog on the web.  Fans of our sister site, Typing About Movies, will find that this site is similar in operation.  However, I will have help.  Joining me here will be Amber.  Together we will share our thoughts on DC, Marvel, comic-related news and video games, and those indie books that everyone thinks are hip.  So sit back and enjoy….